Many people have experienced periods of depression: feeling down, loss or gain of appetite, loss of libido etc. These feelings can be normal reactions to events in our lives and represent a temporary reaction. However, for some these depressive periods become prolonged lasting for weeks, months and in some cases years. Many people misunderstand the effects these depressive episodes have on a person, sometimes even telling the person to 'pull themselves together' I'm sure they would if only it were that easy!

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The most common classifications of depression are:
Endogenous (clinical) depression - biological symptoms, chemical changes in the brain
Reactive (non-clinical) depression - usually caused by traumatic events in our lives

Treating depression with Hypnosis & hypnotherapy

Treatment can only take place with the conscent from the clients doctor

There are no miracle cures. What you may experience as hypnotherapy progresses is that you will be aware that some days are better than before with fewer bad days. During hypnotherapy the inner mind will be used to reframe the way it thinks about the depression and the ability to cope with day to day situations. Any fears with regard to the depression itself will be addressed in order for the person to face the condition in a more confident manner.

Self hypnosis and homework will be given in order put the sessions into practice.

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