Unwanted Habits

A habit is an acquired pattern of behaviour that has become almost involuntary as a result of frequent repetition. Habits are impulses which are often carried out on a subconscious level, so, instead of controlling them, you end up repeating them.

Most people go about trying to break a habit in the wrong way. They try to physically change their behaviour before they've changed the way the mind relates to the habit.

Treating unwanted habits with Hypnosis

Hypnosis is effective in modifying thought patterns and behaviour at a subconscious level. Virtually any kind of habit: nail biting, hair pulling, skin picking, thumb sucking, teeth grinding (bruxism), swearing, unhealthy eating habits are just a few which can be treated using hypntherapy. The reason hypnosis is effective in these areas has to do with the fact that most habits are the result of a combination of learned behavior combined with providing a comfort or release for stress or trauma.

The aim of hypnotherapy is to change the habit behaviour from a subconsious level to a conscious one. Once you are consciously aware of the onset of the habit behaviour, the habit can be eliminated. Once the habit is at a conscious level, techniques to desensitise the triggers for the habit (usually stress related) can be used to eliminate the need to carry out the habit.

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