Pain is your bodies warning mechanism, it lets you know something is wrong and needs attending to. Pain therefore protects you from potential harmful situations such as touching something hot. It also reminds us when we have an existing injury so that we do not move too quickly or do anything which may make the injury worse.

It is therefore extremely important not to turn off or reduce the pain without first identifying and treating the underlying cause. Therefore it is essential that you have consulted with your doctor before making an appointment.
There are types of pain that will continue long after you've done everything you can to deal with the underlying causes. Chronic pain such as arthritis and back pain are common examples of this.

Lorraine has attended a Master Class in pain control using cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy with the London College of Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy.

Treating pain with Hypnosis

Hypnosis adapts the way the subconscious thinks with regard to the pain.

Pain control can be achieved in different ways. Below are a few:

1. Relaxation - involving techniques and hypnotic suggestions
2. Symptom amelioration - gradual reduction of sensations
3. Symptom manipulation - changing the pain
4. Distraction -
5 Anaesthesia - numbing down sensory feelings

These techniques can be used as a safe, natural alternative to anaesthetic for surgery or childbirth or for controlling more chronic pain such as arthritic joint pain, back pain, nerve pain etc.

Using cognitive and behavioural techniques alongside hypnosis has proved to be an effective strategy.

The treatment is highly tailored to each persons requirements, so the exact form of treatment and number of sessions will vary from person to person. However significant improvements can quite often be made in just a few sessions.

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