Panic Attacks

 Panic attacks are a very common psychological condition. Anybody is capable of having a panic attack although some people will fall victim to the fear of the symptoms which can lead to the onset of a panic disorder.

The symptoms of a panic attack as defined by the DSM - IV (diagnostic statistical manual) include:

Shortness of breath and smothering sensations
Choking sensations
Palpitations and accelerated heart rate
Chest discomfort or pain
Dizziness, unsteady feelings or faintness
Numbness or tingling sensations
Flushes or chills
Trembling or shaking

To rule out other medical conditions with similar symptoms, it is important to obtain a medically qualified doctor's diagnosis of the panic attack or panic disorder.

Treating panic attacks using Hypnosis

Hypnosis adapts the way the subconscious thinks with regard to the panic attacks. This allows the hypnotherapist to desensitise the external triggers which have led to the panic disorder. In so doing, control during a panic attack is maintained therefore halting the panic / fear cycle.

Breathing techniques are taught during therapy as hyperventilation is a central component of a panic attack causing the body to respond in a variety of ways which may result in panic escalation.

Self hypnosis will also be taught during the treatment sessions.

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