Phobias & Fears

A phobia is an intense fear of an object, person, animal, place or situation.
The fear itself :
- is irrational considering the situation
- cannot be explained away
- is beyond voluntary control
- leads to avoidance of the feared situation

Types of phobias include

Aerophobia fear of flying
Acrophobia fear of heights
Agoraphobia fear of open spaces
Arachnophobia fear of spiders
Claustrophobia fear of enclosed spaces
Emetophobia fear of being sick

Entomophobia fear of insects
Hydrophobia fear of water
Ophidiophobia fear of snakes
Pyrophobia fear of fire
Spheksophobia fear of wasps
Xenophobia fear of strangers

There are many more including:
Dentist - Doctor - Hospitals - Birds - Cats - Fish - Feathers - Public Transport - Driving - Public Speaking - Exams - Mobile Phones

Treating phobias with Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy uses the trance state to access the subconscious and alter the thought processes by replacing the emotions of fear and anxiety with a more positive emotion i.e. confidence / calm. This in effect desensitises the client to the stimulus i.e. snakes, flying

Using hypnosis and self hypnosis techniques increases confidence levels, which automatically counteracts feelings of anxiety

Hypnosis will also teach the client a new, more relaxed way of coping with phobic situations.

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