Psychogenic Infertility

Psychogenic Infertility refers to the inability to conceve without any physiological cause, in other words there are no physical or organic reasons for the infertility.

It's estimated that approximately 17% of couples will experience psychogenic infertility. The main reasons possibly being linked to psychological stressors.

Treatment is more effective if both the male and the female undertake treatment in order to try and locate the root cause.

Treating psychogenic infertility with Hypnosis

Hypnosis is used to first allow the body and mind to relax. In this relaxed state hypnotherapy is used to access the subconsious mind where all the views and beliefs about the issue of infertility are stored. Usually these views and beliefs will be causing stress, anxiety and other syptoms such as crying, as well as unhealthy behavious for example, not wanting to look at babies, which then leads to more stress. During the hypnotherapy sessions the inner mind is given alternative ways to think about the issues which are logical, realistic and healthier thereby leading to a calmer mind and body.

Clients will also be taught self hypnosis which will allow them to continue imagery work on a regular basis and thereby reduce stress levels.

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