Weight loss/control

Effective weight control does not mean dieting. Many studies have shown that approximately 95% of people who loose weight through dieting will subsequently put the weight back on again.

Effective weight control requires permanent and healthy changes to a person's lifestyle.

There are often psychological issues associated with weight problems- depression, lack of confidence, low self esteem etc. Most psychological problems are resolved naturally once the weight has been lost. Often the anxiety and frustrations that cause people to over eat stem from being over weight... it's a vicious circle.

There are thousands of diet books, exercise videos, food substitutes, weight loss drugs and weight loss clubs on the market. The problem is, if willpower is relied on they have a great chance of failing.

Treating weight issues with Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy adapts the way the subconscious thinks with regard to food. This allows eating healthily to become effortless, and is especially effective if self hypnosis is practiced alongside professional hypnotherapy sessions.

Hypnosis works by using techniques like visualisation. By imagining yourself as your ideal size, the mind is programmed to provide the motivation to succeed.

It is the role of the Hypnotherapist to determine the most suitable treatment for each individual client once an initial discussion has taken place.

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